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  • SC directs NGT to oversee industrial pollution issue in Ganga

    The Supreme Court has directed the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to oversee the issue of industrial pollution in the Ganga, asking the green tribunal to shut down all errant industrial units that do not conform to pollution norms by March 2015.

    Stating that it will continue to look at the aspect of pollution caused by domestic waste and other sources and monitor the issue, the apex court has asked NGT to shut down all industrial units releasing untreated effluents into the Ganga unless these units take measures to prevent such discharges by March 31.


  • SC asks for strict monitoring of effluent flow into Ganga

    Uninpressed at the Union Government's March 2015 ultimatum to polluting industries from discharging effluent in the Ganga, the Supreme Court has decided to take control of the situation.

    The apex court has asked the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to inform it about action taken against more than 200 industries that the Board has found to have polluted the river.

    The Union Government has recently given polluting industries time till March 2015 to follow strict environment norms regarding discharge of effluent into the Ganga river.


  • Groundwater extraction rampant in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan

    Four Indian states -- Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan -- are using groundwater indiscriminately, resulting in water being extracted faster than the rate of recharge there.

    All the four states could face severe water scarcity if sustainable water management practices are not fast adopted by them, the latest Government report of the country's available groundwater, has warned. Although groundwater extraction is also rampant in other parts of the country, in the four states, groundwater extraction of more than 100 per cent.


  • Govt presents Ganga clean-up blueprint to Supreme Court

    The Union Government has presented to the Supreme Court a three-phased programme spread over 10 years to revive and rejuvenate the Ganga. The programme envisages an investment of Rs 51,000 crore to be carried out in setting up a massive wastewater treatment and solid waste management infrastructure in the river's basin.

    The Government has identified 118 towns located in five Ganga river basin states to achieve total sanitation targets including wastewater treatment.


  • Delhi comes up with Rs 19,400-cr wastewater master plan

    The Delhi Govt has come up with a draft Sewage Master Plan 2031 that is aimed at bringing the entire city under sewerage coverage and improving quality of water flowing into the Yamuna.

    The ambitious Plan, which envisages a 9807-km sewerage network and setting up of as many as 75 wastewater treatment plants, will entail an investment of Rs 10,077 crore on current basis. If cost escalations due to projects delays are taken into account, the overall investment is seen at Rs 19,440 crore.



IFC keen to further grow water portfolio in India

The water business is a priority area and the amount of investment would depend on availability of bankable projects, says IFC Head (Water Advisory, South Asia) Bastiaan Mohrmann.



The successes in Greece and Indonesia demonstrate civil society wants to keep water in public hands. And yet the World Bank continues its dogmatic promotion of privatization.


Degrees of Thirst: The World’s Water Supply

It’s no secret that there is a water crisis in many developing countries around the world. Many people everyday go without clean water. More people have access to a mobile phone than they do to a toilet.