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  • Budweiser-maker AB InBev brings down water usage in plants

    Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the maker and owner of Budweiser, has brought down its global water usage in 2010 by six per cent by making operational improvements in the process of beer making, apart from a host of other measures.

  • Nike Water Program: From improving water quality to efficency

    The Nike Water Program started with a handful of apparel dyeing and finishing facilities. The program has since grown to include more than 400 suppliers. The program is also expanding to include NIKE, Inc affiliates, Nike footwear and Nike equipment facilities.

  • How Levi's is bringing down its water footprint

    Levi Strauss last year announced a new jeans line called 'WaterLess', which has an average water footprint that is 28 per cent smaller than most brands. Also, it is as much as 96 per cent smaller in some other jeans products. The company said it was able to bring down its water footprint by making simple changes to the jeans finishing process. Levi Strauss is also sponsoring a conservation campaign that will encourage its customers to cut water used in care of jeans.

Nine of the 10 worst global risks are linked to water

Water is one of the world’s gravest risks, according to the Global Risks Report published earlier this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. And the situation is actually worse than it might seem at first glance.