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  • UN study counts climate change's human cost

    A new UN study informs Paris summit delegates before COP21 that extreme weather in the last two decades has claimed well over half a million lives and cost trillions of dollars.

  • Declining snowmelt threatening global water sources

    The gradual melting of winter snow helps feed water to millions of people worldwide, but this resource may soon be critically imperiled due to climate change, scientists have warned.

  • Spread of drylands will hit poorer nations hardest

    Global warming, increasing aridity and rapidly expanding human population will lead to drylands covering half of the Earth’s land surface by the end of this century.

  • Drought, a 'forgotten disaster' in Asia-Pacific

    The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) has warned that achieving sustainable development in the region will be difficult unless countries there take steps to address disaster-related risks.

  • India, China to push global bottled water market growth

    Water seems to be the new favourite bottled drink. Even as global consumption of carbonated drinks slows down, the pace of growth for bottled water worldwide is picking up, driven largely by the emerging countries.

  • India's 'water man' wins 2015 Stockholm Water Prize

    Magsaysay-award winner Rajendra Singh, often called the water man of India, has won the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize.

  • Mars once had more water than Arctic sea

    A recent study by NASA scientists indicates that a primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean. The scientists used ground-based observatories and measured water signatures in the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

  • Dirty water, poor sanitation kill a woman every 40 seconds

    Diseases caused by lack of access to clean drinking water and lack of safe toilets take a woman’s life every 40 seconds, a global NGO has said, attributing more deaths among women to dirty water and poor sanitation than diabetes, HIV/AIDS or breast cancer.

  • Agri-insecticides threaten global surface water

    Water bodies in 40 per cent of global land surface area, particularly in Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, USA and Central America are at risk of pollution from insecticides used in agriculture, according to a new global map.

  • India's water sector needs comprehensive reforms: Experts

    Experts have underlined the need for carrying out comprehensive reforms in the water sector, calling for putting in place water policies, institutional and legal frameworks to improve the stewardship of the resource base and service delivery for end users.

Nine of the 10 worst global risks are linked to water

Water is one of the world’s gravest risks, according to the Global Risks Report published earlier this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. And the situation is actually worse than it might seem at first glance.