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  • Multipurpose dam projects need of the hour in India

    Against a backdrop of India's declining per capita availability of water, the need for optimal utilization of the scarce resource has assumed special importance. The role of multipurpose dam projects has also gained prominence in recent years.

  • Framework needed to deal with South Asia's water risks

    Union Minister of Water Resources Uma Bharti has stressed on a wider consultative process among SAARC countries that would pave the way for evolving a regional framework for action to deal with impact of climate change on South Asia's water resources.

  • Bridge research-application gap to tackle India’s water issues

    There is a need to bridge the gap between research and application, revisit educational curriculum pertaining to water management and strengthen training and capacity building programmes, experts have said.

  • South Asia urged to fight climate risks together

    South Asia, one of the world's most populous and disaster-prone regions, faces dire impacts from climate change. So why are its nations not working together to tackle the many shared threats they face?

  • Policy makers putting water back under public control

    Poor performance, under-investment, soaring water bills, lack of transparency and poor service quality of private operators is leading to local policy-makers in many countries putting water back under public control.

  • World's oceans came early, possibly from meteorites

    The world's oceans, now being tapped through technologies like desalination for potable water, have flooded the Earth earlier than previously thought, a new study has pointed out.

  • World lost 20% irrigated land to salt-induced degradation

    The world has lost almost one-fifth of its irrigated land to salt-induced degradation in past several years, a new report has said.

  • India, China facing water stress in shale resources

    India, China and Pakistan face high water stress or arid conditions in future production of shale gas, a new report by Washington-based World Resources Institute, has warned.

  • Nature-based clean water solutions spend at $9.6 bn

    Governments and companies across the world invested $9.6 billion in initiatives implementing nature-based solutions to sustain the world’s clean water supplies last year.

  • Slipping And sliding, Kashmiri women trek for water

    Coming from a state ranked among top seven in terms of average time spent by household members for fetching water from outside the premises, these women walk an average distance of 4 kms in winter and 8 kms in summer.

Nine of the 10 worst global risks are linked to water

Water is one of the world’s gravest risks, according to the Global Risks Report published earlier this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. And the situation is actually worse than it might seem at first glance.