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  • Degrees of Thirst: The World’s Water Supply

    It’s no secret that there is a water crisis in many developing countries around the world. Many people everyday go without clean water. More people have access to a mobile phone than they do to a toilet.

  • Virtual water: An introduction

    The world’s water supply is finite, while its population is ever-growing. Finding better ways to protect and manage this limited resource is a constant challenge. On the consumer level, there has been an increased awareness of ways to reduce water use at home.

  • Demystifying water footprint of a business

    The water footprint of a business - that is its 'corporate water footprint' - refers to the total volume of fresh water that is used directly and indirectly to run and support the business. When consumers use the products from a business, there can also be a water footprint in the end-use stage. Many businesses have a supply-chain water footprint that is much larger than the operational water footprint.

  • Steps to address overexploitation of groundwater in India

    It is now time to start implementing strategies that are non-controversial and have demonstrated success. If current trends continue, in 20 years about 60 per cent of all aquifers in India will be in a critical condition, says a World Bank report.

  • South Asia water: An overview

    Some 600 million people live under $1.25 a day in South Asia. Seventy per cent of the poor live in rural areas and depend largely on agriculture for their livelihoods. Hence, water is central to economic growth and poverty reduction in South Asia. Most countries in South Asia are already water stressed.

  • Despite global investment, access to drinking water on decline

    Despite a concentrated international effort, significant investment and widespread educational campaigns, access to safe drinking water appears to be in decline.

  • Water reuse: Supplementary water

    Water reuse is fast becoming an option in water scarce countries, but is accompanied by multiple issues. What key success factors should decision makers consider?

Nine of the 10 worst global risks are linked to water

Water is one of the world’s gravest risks, according to the Global Risks Report published earlier this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. And the situation is actually worse than it might seem at first glance.