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Bottled water to be sold at uniform rates across India

New Delhi : The Union Government soon plans to ensure that bottled and mineral water is sold at uniform rates across India. This is expected to stop the practice of bottled water being sold at different MRPs (maximum retail price) at various places like airports, hotels and malls.

Union Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Minister Ram Vilas Paswan indicated through the social media that an explanation has been sought from companies selling packaged mineral water in different MRPs at various places. This follows several complaints being received by a consumer forum under the Ministry that different MRPs were being charged for packaged mineral water at different places.

The Ministry is, therefore, taking such a step for regulating the price of bottled water.

“It has been found from these complaints that companies have a separate price list for sale of these bottles at different places. The Ministry has sought an explanation from the bottled water selling companies for the reason behind such an act,” Paswan said on Twitter.

The Ministry is keen that the practice of dual pricing for the same product be done away with.

Late last year, Paswan had said that those found selling bottled water and cold drinks at more than their MRP, including at airports, restaurants and multiplexes could attract penalty and even jail terms.

Stating that packaged drinking water was often sold at rates 10-20 per cent higher at places and in some cases, MRP was not even printed on water bottles, Paswan said, "Charging above MRP is violation of the law. But we still see at airports, multiplex and hotels, that packaged water is sold at more than the MRP. This needs to be stopped".


The successes in Greece and Indonesia demonstrate civil society wants to keep water in public hands. And yet the World Bank continues its dogmatic promotion of privatization.