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No plan to import mobile desal plant from Israel: Centre

New Delhi : Scotching rumours that India was looking to import mobile desalination units from Israel, the Centre has said there were no such plans.

Union Drinking Water & Sanitation Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told Lok Sabha that his ministry has no plans to import Gal-Mobile plants from Israel.

During his official visit to Israel earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had witnessed a demonstration of sea water purification at a mobile desalination plant along with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel's Gal-Mobile is an independent, integrated water purification vehicle, designed to produce high-quality drinking water. It can be useful in natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, military use in difficult terrain and rural areas to provide drinking water.

"Desalination is an important purification technology and is implemented in our country as well," Tomar said.

According to information provided by the states into the integrated management information system of the Drinking Water & Sanitation Ministry, as on July 24, a total of 10,734 community water purification plants based on reverse osmosis desalination technology have been installed so far.

Tomar said as per the information furnished by the Indian Mission in Tel Aviv, the Israeli technology can purify upto 20000 litre per day of sea water and 80000 litre per day of brackish or muddy or contaminated water and bring it down to the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.

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