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Pentair acquires two companies in US for $280 million

New Delhi : Global water treatment major Pentair has anounced two major acquisitions in the United States in a bid to expand its product and solutions portfolio.

While the first definitive agreement it has signed is to acquire Florida-based residential whole home water treatment systems provider Pelican Water Systems, the other deal is for buying Aquion, a manufacturer and marketer of premium water treatment equipment and water quality solutions that is headquartered outside Chicago.

Both the deals would be all-cash ones, with Pelican Water being bought for $120 million and Aquion for $160 million.

The addition of Pelican Water Systems will strengthen Pentair’s business by providing new growth opportunities through both its innovative products and its multi-channel approach, something which also increase consumers’ options as to where, how and when they can buy their water treatment solutions.

“This planned acquisition is one of the key elements of our strategy to expand our core water treatment products in the residential home water business,” said Pentair President and Chief Executive Officer John L Stauch.

“Consumers today are increasingly concerned about water quality and want to be empowered to improve the health of their water. Pelican Water Systems adds new and complementary products and services to the Pentair portfolio to better meet our consumers’ residential water needs.”

The addition of Aquion and its affiliated dealer network, offering complete systems and solutions, is also expected to complement Pentair’s value chain in residential water offerings.

“This planned acquisition is a significant component of our strategy to be closer to the residential consumer by allowing us to offer turnkey water conditioning solutions through Aquion’s network of affiliated dealers,” said Stauch

“Aquion’s strong portfolio of residential and commercial water systems, combined with Pentair’s technical expertise in water treatment technologies, will position us to expand our scope and customer offerings in the residential and commercial water treatment arena.”

Pentair has a wide offering in the residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors with water treatment & filtration products, pumps, water and fluid management solutions and solutions for transporting, treating & reusing water.

While both transactions will boost Pentair's global portfolio, industry officials did not see much impact in the Indian market.

“Pelican Water Systems is excited to become part of Pentair and help collectively address the growing water concerns of residential consumers,” said Pelican Water Systems Chief Executive Officer Iain J Whyte.

“Pentair will significantly expand our reach geographically as well as further our aligned missions to ensure the health of the world through cleaner water.”

Both the transactions are anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2019.

“Aquion is pleased to join Pentair. This will allow Aquion to build on its strengths within an organization that is also committed to creating solutions that make water softer and more economical to use and consume across both the residential and commercial industries", said Aquion President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Madsen.

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