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SPML bags water supply projects in Gujarat, Jharkhand

New Delhi : Gurgaon-based water infrastructure developer SPML Infra Limited has said it has bagged several orders for water supply and irrigation in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. The new orders are worth Rs 642 crore.

The company's first order is of Rs 500.14 crore for Link 1, Package IV, a part of the Phase II of Saurashtra-Narmada Avtaran Irrigation, an ambitious project initiated by the Gujarat Government to divert one million acre feet (1 MAF) water of Narmada Dam to 115 Reservoirs through 1115 kilometer pipeline network.

The project aims to irrigate 1.8 million hectare of land in Saurashtra, Kutch and north Gujarat and will benefit millions of farmers.

The project also envisages supplying potable water to 39 million people across 132 towns and 11,456 villages in the state to address the scarcity of drinking water.

The scope of the project also includes laying of 36.6 kms MS pipeline and a pumping station. The project has to be completed in 24 months and has operation and maintenance (O&M) for 10 years.

SPML's second order is for Rs 53.58 crore for augmentation and strengthening of Giridih water supply scheme under Giridih Nagar Parishad in Jharkhand with design and construction of 7.50 lakh litre elevated service reservoir, distribution network, installation of bulk flow meters, gensets, and SCADA system.

The project completion period is 24 months along with five years of O&M.

The company has also bagged a Rs 45.64 crore lift irrigation pipeline project for transmission of 50 cusecs of water from Ch 13900 on existing MS pipeline in Bhasariya in Mehasana district of Gujarat to augment various reservoirs of the region by pipeline or feeder canals. The project completion period is 12 months.

Another smaller project that the company has bagged is a Rs 13.50 crore order for construction of right bank piped canal of existing Upper Beda Dam in Madhya Pradesh. The project seeks to supply 0.735 cumec water for irrigation in 1829 hectare cultivable command area and construction of multiple outlets for domestic raw water requirements.

The project completion period is 24 months along with 12 months of O&M.

SPML Infra Chairman Subhash Sethi said the irrigation projects in Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh will help increase agriculture produce and improve living standard of farmers in the project area by constructing irrigation canal system utilizing limited water resources efficiently to ensure equitable and assured water supply.

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