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  • Villages near Jodhpur face water scarcity

    Residents of Chandelao village in Rajasthan's Jodhpur District have to queue for up to five hours at a time to fill water from wells.

  • Water scarcity in Uttarakhand: A woman's nightmare

    A short documentary on the daily struggles of a woman, who undertakes the difficult job of transporting water in the hills.

  • Recharge: A story of water scarcity

    A short documentary on the struggles of the village Kotla in rural India to maintain fresh water supplies, and the difference made through water management interventions initiated by the Institute of Rural Research and Development.

  • Drinking water for India

    How two students Rujul and Kevin of the Princeton Day School in the United States started the Drinking Water for India Club at their school. As word spread, the duo began to present their mission to local schools, and more schools joined their efforts to provide water to the villagers of Paras.

  • India's water crisis

    The Economist reports how years of destructive farming practices threaten the gains of Punjab's green revolution.

Why forests should take centre stage during the water decade

Only a tiny fraction of national biodiversity plans consider the impact of forests on water supply, and only a fraction of national water plans place ecosystems at their centre.